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Vallisneria Torta Twisted

Vallisneria Torta "Twisted Vallis"

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Vallisneria Americana (Twisted Vallis) has thin, green twisted leaves and is a great mid-background plant. The tightly-twisted "corkscrew" form remains much smaller than other varieties, the 5-10mm wide leaves attaining up to 30-50 cm (12-20 inches). Vallisneria plants are not particular about the composition of the substrate and will grow very well in plain gravel provided liquid fertilizer is regularly added to the water. Vaallisneria Torta also do exceptionally well in harder water; some can even tolerate brackish water that is not too high in salt.

Size: 20-50+cm

Optimum pH: 6 - 8.5

Lighting: low to bright

Temperature: 18-28 degrees celcius

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Reviewer: Isabel Canterbury   5 Stars
Ordered 1 bunch, arrived quickly. Had about 7 individual plants in the bunch, all in perfect condition.

Reviewer: Arran London   5 Stars
Excellent quality plants as usual from aquarium gardens ordered 3 months ago plants have done really well, shooting new runners in a couple of days! seem to stay around 15-20cm

Reviewer: George Lafferty Cumbria   5 Stars
Excellent plants. Fast delivery.

Reviewer: Roberta Larocque    5 Stars
Received order , good condition. Thank you. RL