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Tropica CO2 System 60

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This System is ideal if you're new to CO2 in the planted aquarium. We would recommend using this system with easy care plants and when you have low light. Suitable for tanks up to 100L. Although this system is not as effective as diffusing CO2, it will still provide some extra CO2 that your plants can use. A little CO2 is better than no CO2! 
Most aquarium plants do not thrive without CO2 fertilization - but algae does! So without extra CO2, your new plants can suffer and algae will take over your tank.

  • A simple and inexpensive way to supply extra CO2 to the plants in your aquarium
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Suitable for starter-sets, where even small amounts of extra CO2 will make a positive difference for the plants

How to use the product

The table shows recommended daily dose (ml) in aquariums of different sizes. The chamber should be vented once a week by removing the silicone stopper. 1 CO2 cylinder contains approximately 5000 ml and will last for 1 month in a 60 L tank (see the table).

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