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TNC Complete Aquarium Plant Food & Nutrients 500ml

TNC Complete 500ml

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TNC Complete is an aquatic plant food specially formulated for use in more densely planted aquariums, or for aquariums with few fish.

TNC Complete contains a balanced blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium as well as Magnesium and all the important trace elements.

  • Encourages vigorous growth for strong healthy plants which in turn will greatly reduce the risk of algae.
  • Will not cause algae
  • DOES contain necessary Nitrate and Phosphate
  • Ideal for use with CO2 injection or Carbon supplements
  • Can be used by beginners or more experienced aquascapers.
  • Can be tailored for use when Estimative Index (E.I) dosing.
  • Can be used in conjunction with TNC Plugs.
1ml per 10 litre of tank water per week.

Dose can be increased to 2 or 3 times per week depending on plant growth, water changes etc.



1.5% N, 0.2%P, 5% K, 0.8% Mg, 0.08% Fe, 0.018% Mn, 0.002% Cu, 0.01% B, 0.01% Zn, 0.001% Mo, EDTA.

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: FLAPPINGANIMAL Colchester   5 Stars
I've used this in my planted tank for about a year now. I use with CO2 injection in a heavily planted, medium high light 200l tank. My plants love it. The only algae I get is some green dot on the glass. Love this plant food. Good price too. Cheers.

Reviewer: David Horncastle Norfolk   5 Stars
Added to tank about a week ago and already noticing improved plant growth and health. I'm using this in conjunction with TNC Carbon, so it's difficult to know whether this is as a result of the combination, or one product or the other. Either way, very happy and the service/advice/delivery was fantastic.