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TNC Liquid Carbon 500ml Co2 Alternative

TNC Carbon 500ml

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TNC Carbon provides a safe, easy to use alternative to a CO2 gas injection system. It is an ideal solution if installing gas cylinders is either impractical, too complicated, or too expensive.
In the natural environment, Carbon is an essential requirement for plants.

  • Safer, cheap alternative to pressurised CO2
  • Can be used in conjunction with pressurised CO2
  • Can provide algae control
  • The simplest way to provide carbon for your aquarium plants

Plants source the Carbon from CO2 absorbed through the leaves. Most plants contain chlorophyll – the pigment which makes plants green. The chlorophyll absorbs light and the plant uses the energy from the light to convert the Carbon together with water (H2O) into sugars and carbohydrates (CH2O) – a process known as photosynthesis.
The sugars and carbohydrates provide the energy for the plant to grow.

TNC Carbon is ideal for use with TNC Complete or Lite and with TNC Plugs. It can also be used with other propriety aquarium fertilisers or as a supplement to an EI dosing system.


Add 1ml per 50 litres of tank water per day.
Stronger doses must be used with caution

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: David Horncastle Norfolk   5 Stars
Started dosing about a week ago and already noticing improved plant growth and health. I'm using this in conjunction with TNC complete, so it's difficult to know whether this is as a result of the combination, or one product or the other. Either way, very happy and the service/advice/delivery was fantastic.

Reviewer: paul cook milon keynes   5 Stars
I recently brought this product, I have 300ltr aquarium with many plants and use liquid co2 regularly. this product works really well and have notice the difference in plant growth within one week.

Reviewer: Dan Devon   5 Stars
A must for any planted tank. I started seeing improvements within the first week and after a month my plants were flourishing. A great product, will be back for more. Thanks, Dan.