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Deriving its name from the Titans of Greek mythology and the intriguing Saturn's moon, Titan Stone is a metamorphic rock that represents some of the most advanced stages of metamorphism, having experienced intense temperatures and pressures deep within the Earth's crust. Its unique color palette of grey, blue, and green hues coupled with white strata lines running through it create an awe-inspiring visual effect in an aquascape, reflecting light uniquely and providing great aesthetic appeal.

This highly sought-after and rare Titan Stone adds a statement to any Iwagumi style aquascape. Its layers and bands of blocky crystals, like feldspar, add depth and complexity to your aquarium design. Remarkably, Titan Stone is an inert stone, making it safe for use with sensitive aquatic plants and animals. It does not affect water parameters, maintaining the water chemistry in your aquascape stable.

Given its rarity and unique characteristics, Titan Stone is considered a collector's gem. Sourcing this stone may be challenging due to its high demand and limited supply. If you are fortunate enough to acquire Titan Stone, it may well become the pride of your aquascape collection.

- Unique grey-bluish-green color stone with white strata

- Ideal for Iwagumi style aquascapes

- Reflects light uniquely to exhibit different colors

- Highly sought after and rare stone with limited supply

- Does not affect water parameters

- Inert, safe for sensitive aquatic plants and animals



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  • Vibrant plants

    First purchase this week and I was so pleased. The plants were so healthy and vibrant. It's got me thinking about replanting my other tank with more plants! Will definately be buying from them again

    Hal Bent / 21st June 2022

  • Amazing place!

    Wow! Was recommended to visit and have to say that anyone looking for plants and equipment this is definitely the place to go.
    Amazing range. Not the normal few plants chucked into a tank. Absolutely incredible. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    Jonathon Lilley / 10th September 2022

  • Best UK Aquascaping

    Probably THE best aquascaping store in the UK. Always a great service and willingness to help you out with any aquascaping related questions you may have.

    welshweeks / 23rd April 2023

  • Quick service, fantastic plants

    I have ordered from Aquarium Gardens for the first time after seeing them on social media. Well what can I say except WOW, the plants were a really good price, they arrived on time actually quicker than I expected! They arrived in absolutely fantastic condition as if I had picked them out myself, well packaged. The plants themselves were bigger than what I expected to get so definitely value for money and the root systems were well established, can't wait to see them get bigger in my aquariums. Will definitely buy from this company again.

    Sue Hall / 3rd Feb 2023

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