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Tiger Lotus Nymphea Zenkeri Red

Tiger Lotus "Nymphea Zenkeri" Red

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Centrepiece lily which will flower in the large or open aquarium. Nip out new surface leaves and longer roots, to stop surface spread. More underwater leaves will form if surface leaves are trimmed, these can vary in colour from green to red. 

Please note: This plant arrives as a bulb and should be planted as follows...

How to plant:  Push the bulb gently into the substrate in your aquarium, with the bottom two thirds of the bulb in the substrate, and the top third sticking out.  The top is the more pointed end of the bulb.  Your bulb will soon establish.  We endeavour to send out our bulbs with new leaf growth, however this occasionally isnt possible. 

Name : Tiger Lotus
Home : West Africa
Preferred Ph : 5.5-8
Temp range : 22-30C
Size : 20-80cm
Tank location : Centre background
Lighting : 40-75w/100litres

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Martin Horn Hemel Hempstead   5 Stars
Great service! Bulb arrived quickly and in good condition with a few small leaves, and a month later it's already grown substantially (16 leaves and an 8 inch spread), with a lovely red colouring to the leaves. Mine is only getting 20 Watts/100 Litres (with CO2 and EI ferts) rather than the 40-75 Watts/100 Litres that is suggested in the care instructions.

Reviewer: Nathan South Wales   5 Stars
This will be my first time trying to grow one of these plants, so I'm hoping it will turn out well! Have planted the bulb following the directions on the page and will see how it goes! Fast delivery. :-)

Reviewer: Iain Mortlock Peterborough   5 Stars
Brilliant. Ordered 2 bulbs and both came with leafs showing! All showing very good signs of health. Bargain price too!

Reviewer: Paul Cook Milton Keynes   5 Stars
Have been wanting a Lotus lily for some time now so was please to see this on AG web site, Never grown one before so was careful to follow advise tips as I know this will look amazing once full grown. I have a 300ltre aquarium and this plant will make a great centre piece. Big thanks AG for another great looking plant!