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Tantora Catappa Essence 30ml

Tantora Catappa Essence 30ml

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Tantora Catappa Essence is made from concentrated Catappa leaf extract. Safe and controllable, this product is specifically researched and tested by renowned Thai aquatic researchers. The main ingredient of Catappa Essence is Catappa leaves. It takes 2500 fresh leaves to make 1 litre of Catappa Essence. The extract method Tantora has adopted is superior to other techniques as it can extract twice the level of Tannins and nutrients from the leaves than others. Therefore, Tantora Catappa Essence’s concentrate is the best in the market; only minimal amount is needed to deliver satisfactory results.

Tantora Catappa Essence consists of various vitamins and nutrients that aid in improving aquatic animals health such as Vitamin C, required for essential metabolic reaction and help ease stress; Vitamin B complex required to improve the immune system and Sodium Chloride (NaCl) that helps heal injuries, killing parasites found in water and reduce water stress.

Key facts
  • Concentrated extract of Catappa Leaves.
  • Rich with Vitamin C, Vitamin B
  • Complex and nutrients necessary for aquatic animals.
  • Helps prepare water conditions to suit aquatic animals’ natural environments.
  • Ease water stress Helps aquatic animals with coloration, especially shrimps and fish.
  • Heal injuries and kills germs in the water.

Directions Use 1 ml or 10 droplets of Tantora Catappa Essence per 50 litres of water It can be used daily or every time after cleaning the tank.
Caution: Do not use more than 10ml per 50 litres of water, as Tantora Catappa Essence is highly concentrated
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