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Sumatra Driftwood Small 20-25cm

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A hand selected piece of Sumatra wood (picture is an example piece) approximitley 20-30cm in length. Each piece is chosen by us at random and will look different from the picture. This picture is purely there as an example of what we send out.

Use this piece of Sumatra wood to create an instant impact in your aquarium. Sumatra wood is a very attractive wood that adds beauty and character to your planted aquarium. A fantastic centre piece and foundation to your planted aquarium. Great for tying moss and plants on to create an eye catching look.

This product may release small amounts of tanins that will discolour the water, this is harmless and can be removed by the use of carbon or frequent water changes. Product will require soaking and cleaning before putting in your aquarium.

Aquarium pictured features 2 medium and 2 small pieces of Sumatra wood.

  • Stunning feature!
  • Root like structure.
  • Perfect for attaching plants to such as Moss, Java Fern and Anubias
Like all driftwood, Sumatra needs soaking to become saturated before it will sink. We recommend sitting the wood in a container of water until saturated before placing in your aquarium. This can take from 24 hours to two weeks depending on the size of the wood.
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