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Rotala Bonsai Tropica 1-2 Grow!

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Rotala indica 'Bonsai' is best described as a compact, moderate growing version of Bacopa caroliniana. 
Plant it in small groups and trim it often. Cuttings may be re-planted in the group to achieve a more dense group or carpet. 
At high light the tip of the stems may become reddish, at lower light the leaves will become larger and the plant less compact. 
Rotala 'Bonsai' is particularly suitable for nano-aquariums.

How to plant your tissue culture plants:
  1. Remove plant from packaging
  2. Rinse and wash away any gel/liquid
  3. Divide plant into 6-8 portions
  4. Plant directly into your substrate
Each pot has a diameter of 60mm. All tissue culture plants are free from snails, algae and pesticides. The cups can be kept for a relatively long time before planting (sometimes weeks) meaning you can plant when you are ready. Keep in a cool place, sub 20 degrees and out of direct sunlight. Tissue culture plants are young plants with strong roots and are in much better health than their potted versions. Only open cups before planting to avoid contamination. CO2 and good fertilization will promote healthy growth.

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Reviewer: Bruno Santos Cambridge, UK   3 Stars
No problem at all with the delivery. Got it quickly and well packed and the plant arrived in great condition. However this is definitely not and easy plant to grow, definitely not the 2/5 as the packaging suggest. After 2 weeks in the tank about 2/3 of the stems have started to rot away at the root, even if the stalks are doing great and putting new leaves, strangely plants separated by a few centimetres are doing fine. It seems to be the consensus that this need a bit more of emersed growth before it can be transferred to the tank for best results