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River Wood Small 15-25cm

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Riverwood is one of our favourites. A very natural looking wood perfect for aquascaping. It has a dark brown colour and interesting gnarly twists. Wood is a natural product, it is therefore possible that it turns the water brownish. Seachem Purigen can remove such brown discolourations by tannins reliably.

Why not ty combining a few different pieces with some of our rocks, such a mini landscape rock or leopard stone.

Your piece of riverwood will be between 20-30 cm in length. 

Each piece is individual and the picture is an example of the pieces we send out.
Code / Item  Riverwood
Usage Fresh Water
Characteristics sinks quite easily, gives some colour
Sizes 15 - 100 cm
Other perfect for aquascaping
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Reviewer: Spencer Peterborough   4 Stars
As a newcomer to the hobby I wanted something small and attractive for the tank, and as this particular type of would was described as sinking easily and would leak no tannins, seemed a great option. It certainly looks the part and is a good size, so is well worth the price in my opinion. I can't be sure about the tannins yet, but one thing I was disappointed by was that it certainly didn't sink right away (in fact after 6 days is needing to be weighed down by a rock to avoid floating to the surface, along with the two plants I'd painstakingly tied to it upon delivery!).