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River Wood Medium 25-35cm

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Riverwood is one of our favourites. A very natural looking wood perfect for aquascaping. It has a dark brown colour and interesting gnarly twists. Wood is a natural product, it is therefore possible that it turns the water brownish. Seachem Purigen can remove such brown discolourations by tannins reliably.

Why not ty combining a few different pieces with some of our rocks, such a mini landscape rock or leopard stone.

Your piece of riverwood will be between 30-40 cm in length. 

Each piece is individual and the picture is an example of the pieces we send out.
Code / Item  Riverwood
Usage Fresh Water
Characteristics sinks quite easily, gives some colour
Sizes 15 - 100 cm
Other perfect for aquascaping
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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: John Altrincham   4 Stars
I ordered two medium and two small pieces of this wood to replace my large pieces of bogwood which were still leaching excessive tannins after 8 months in my 42 gallon tank. There are two points to make 1.River wood does leach a small amount of tannin however it is minimal and my carbon and water changes remove it easily. 2. Only one piece sank immediately, a second piece sank after one day soaking, the third took a week and the fourth is still in a bucket of water and semi buoyant after three weeks. Having said this however it looks great being far more gnarly and twisted than standard bogwood.

Reviewer: John Orpington   5 Stars
Nice piece supplied, ideal size for an 80cm tank. Good for anchoring plants and looks great. Was despatched quickly.