Pogostemon Helferi

Difficulty : Medium
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Pogostemon Helferi is another wonderful foreground plant that can be use for carpeting, or placed amongst other plants in the foreground . It has lovely crinkled curly green leaves that grow out from the crown, resembling a star shape. With high light, CO2 & nutrients, Pogostemon Helferi will throw out shoots willingly and grow along your substrate. It is also another plant which will happily grow on wood. 

When planting, separate the pot into 4-5 small portions and plant 3-4cm apart. Over time Pogostemon Helferi will form a dense carpet. Alternatively, plant between rocks or wood for a nice effect. Cut away any dead or decaying leaves to help the plant get off to the best start.

Higher light levels will encourage more compact growth, although not essential for the plant to survive. Under lower light, Pogostemon Helferi grows taller. If you see yellow leaves then try increasing nutrient in the water. CO2 is required under higher lighting for healthy growth.


Plant info

Type: Stem
Origin: Asia
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 3 - 10+
Light demand: Medium
CO2 : Medium

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Simon Hovell-Cambridgeshire-5 Stars

Worked a treat in a low energy setup

I've grown it as an epiphyte In my low-tech hard water tank and it's been really successful - had it slightly higher up attached to wood with thread so it got more light - it's propagated itself relentlessly and I'm now spinning off a colony into a new tank. Going to try it planted this time.

Peter Morris-Lydney-5 Stars

Received two pots of this today, which was very well package and in great condition.

Once removed from the pots and rock wool I had about 9 good sized individual stems plus a few straggly bits from each pot.

This represents very good value for money.

Peter Havers-Norwich-5 Stars

I am now ordering my second batch of plants from aquarium gardens. AS i was very pleased with my first order of healthy first rate plants which are now growing well in my large tank.

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