Plant Collection for 18" Jungle Style Tank

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An easy grow plant collection, recommended for tanks sized 18 inches (1.5 feet). The picture shows exactly what you will receive.

The jungle style aquarium is populated by many easy grow plants that can be left to have a lot of freedom in the aquarium. There are really no rights or wrongs when it comes to the jungle aquarium. All you need to focus on is growing the plants and keeping on top of general tank maintenance, which consists of weekly water changes and pruning plants as necessary. 

Each aquarium plant collection will contain a balanced selection of plants to include foreground, midground & background plants. They have been chosen to give a balance of both size and colour. The collection listed are for tropical aquariums.

All plants are from our superb European plant range, recognised as being the highest quality.

Most potted plants can be separated into multiple plants by removing the pot & then tearing the rock wool away before separating each plant. Bunched plants can be separated into 3-4 plants each.

Here's what you will receive:

Position Size Comments
1 x Saggitaria/ Lilaeopsis Potted
Fast easy grower
2 x Vallisnerias Spiralis Bunch

1 pot of Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus)

Up to 60cm

Tall long leaves

Needs attaching to wood/rock

1 x Cryptocoryne (sellers choice)





Easy grower, low maintenace


Should any of the above become unavailable, suitable replacements will be provided to the same or greater value.

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Rachel Butcher-Durham-5 Stars

Pleased with order

Plants came as expected and I am very happy with them. They did arrive a little late due to no fault of the seller but customer service was very helpful. All are easy, beginner plants as I requested. Such a good deal too! I will definitely be shopping here again in the future.

Jo Aqbarawi-London-5 Stars

Excellent quality

Plants are super quality and were well packaged. Customer service was also excellent. Thank you!

Roger-North Wales-5 Stars

Nothing more to add than those below, the coconut with moss is lovely as well.

Paul-N.Ireland-5 Stars

Excellent selection and condition of plants, plants arrived very well packaged and very healthy.

Andy-Bristol-5 Stars

Needed more plants for my low tech 110lt tank so opted for the jungle 18 inch collection. Arrived next day, plants look top quality

Ed-Wirral-5 Stars

Wow! Super fast service. Well packaged and plants of a good size.

Megan-Kent-5 Stars

Arrived next day and plants are beautiful. A great selection and they are super healthy. Love the java fern and the the mix of vallisneria. Thank you so much!

Matt-United Kingdom-5 Stars

Superb plant collection, arrived in top condition and well packaged. This is a great collection for a small tank. Growing in nicely! Thank you

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