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Aquatic plants bring many benefits to your aquarium. As well as having a stunning visual impact, aquatic plants aerate your water, remove impurities and create a healthy environment for your fish to thrive in. You will also notice that if you look after your plants properly then algae is rarely a problem.

By using the guides below, we can help you create a planted aquarium that you can enjoy...


Plant Difficulty - Start by Choosing the Right Plants

Choosing plants can often be tricky, especially if your just starting out. This is a simple plant difficulty system to help you choose the right plants for your planted aquarium.

Aquarium Lighting
Depending on what plants you want to grow and whether you're injecting CO2 will determine how much light you should have. Learning how much is key to your success...

Aquarium Dosing & Nutrients

Nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen , potassium among others are required for healthy aquatic plants. Adding them will not cause algae, adversely not adding them will not solve your algae problems either...

Understanding CO2 & Set-up Guide

Understand why Carbon Dioxide is a vital component in the health and growth of aquatic plants. This guide also explains exactly what is needed to set up your own CO2 system...

Liquid Carbon

CO2 injection is not required in all planted aquariums, but if your planning on growing lush & healthy plants we most definitely recommend it. Alternatively that try liquid carbon...

Preparing Your Plants for Planting

So you've received your plants in top condition from Aquarium Gardens, now what do you do? Here's our guide to preparing your plants for the aquarium.

 Planted Aquarium Maintenance

Our guide to daily, weekly and monthly maintenance in the planted aquarium.  Essential reading & essential planted aquarium maintenance....

 The Fight Against Algae

We've all had algae right? Here's the main reasons we all have algae...and what we can do to prevent it.


 The CO2 Drop Checker

The CO2 drop checker monitors your concentration of CO2 in your aquarium. Read this guide and follow the step by step installation guide for a CO2 drop checker...

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