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Nymphoides Aquatica (Banana Plant)

Nymphoides Aquatica (Banana Plant)

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Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica) is one of the easiest Plants to keep, They require little light and do great with various water conditions. A great plant for any Aquarium. Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica) will do fine in any type of lighting although they will grow much faster with brighter light.

Banana Plant can be planted or they can be left to float at the top of the tank, if left to float they will grow much quicker since they are closer to the light source. If you decide to plant your Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica) make sure you don't plant the Bananas. The "Bananas" on your Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica) are actually called tubers and that is were the Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica) stores its nutrients. Just let it sit on the bottom of the tank and soon the roots will plant themselves in to the gravel.
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Reviewer: John Corby   5 Stars
Healthy plant arrived 20 hours after order was placed.