Moss Ball Chladophlora

Difficulty : Easy
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Difficulty : Easy

Aquarium Moss Ball - extremely easy to keep. They are formed in shallow lakes with gentle wave moment which turns the balls as they go, giving its spherical shape. In an aquarium it must be turned regularly to keep it in shape. Cladophora aegagrophila can be divided into smaller pieces, which become spherical with time.

Can be kept in a wide variety of tank conditions and look great in between rocks/wood or simply left to move around the foreground areas of your aquarium.

Moss balls range from 5-7cm in diameter.

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Sarah-Cymru-5 Stars


I'm not an aquarium keeper but I'd seen Marimo balls online kept as plants and immediately fell in love. Aquarium Gardens was by far the cheapest I've found online. It arrived really quickly, especially considering the situation we're all in at the moment, so quickly in fact I hadn't even prepared the water for the ball.

I'm no expert in aquarium plant health but it arrived well packaged in plastic and then a padded envelope so it fitted through the letter box and it looks really healthy, no brown patches or spots etc. I'll definitely be ordering more as soon as they're in stock.

I'd also recommend 'botanygeek' on Instagram, he has some amazing houseplant projects using aquarium plants (how I first found this site) with detailed information and advice.

Lisa-Shropshire-5 Stars

I initially bought 1 Chladophlora moss ball to see what they would be like condition wise. It was in beautiful condition with no hint of any brown patches. I have since ordered a few more and every single one has been in perfect condition. I had 2 that initially floated, but after giving them a gentle squeeze underwater they stayed settled on the bottom of my tank.

Rhodri-London-4 Stars

Nice little moss balls. Hope they'll sink eventually as they're still playing around in the output of my pump!

Natalie-bradford-5 Stars

brought 2 of these for my axolotl tank, the delivery was super fast

all plants are in great health will definitely use in the future

Roberta Larocque--5 Stars

Received order , good condition. Thank you. RL

Anthony Moulding-Hexham, Northumberland-5 Stars

Funny little thing, but makes a change from adding a stone to the front. Good price as well.

Lynn-Eaton Bray-5 Stars

Good looking ball as per usual standard

Richard Aldridge--5 Stars

Excellent moss ball at an excellent price.

Really green and healthy looking,no brown areas,nice size too.

I usually pay more than twice this amount for moss balls from Pets At Home.

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