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Mixed Tissue Culture Plants

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Tissue culture aquarium plants - also known as 'in-vitro' plants - are manufactured in a laboratory using the latest tissue culture technologies to produce unique & high quality plants in plastic polypropylene pots. They are grown in sterile conditions using a fertile gel/liquid. 
Guaranteed to be free from snails, pests, algae and pesticides, making them perfect for shrimp keepers and any planted tank enthusiast. This technology also allows us to stock a range of smaller delicate plants that can be tricky to keep otherwise. In vitro plants are designed mainly for use in small to medium sized aquariums.

When you receive your tissue culture plants, rinse under water and wash away any gel, divide into multiple portions and plant directly into your substrate. If you're not ready to plant as soon as you receive them, pop them in a cool place (sub 20 degrees, recommended up to 7 days). These plants are in superb health so they should take off in your aquarium super quick! Plants can be ordered in small or large pots.
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products

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