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Microsorum Windelov  Epaqmat 4x13cm

Microsorum Windelov Epaqmat 4x13cm

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Microsorum Windelov on a small mat 4x13cm. Epaqmats are very easy to add to an aquascape by simply attaching to wood or rock with a small amount of glue. The plants are very lush and compact, and are an excellent way to add an instant compact compact fern.

Microsorum Windelov has small leaves with flared leaf tips. It is a beautiful fern plant for the Nature Style Aquarium. Growth is slow and will grow with or without CO2. Medium to high lighting with CO2 injection will encourage the continued lush and compact growth.

Usage : Aquascaping
Amount of light needed : low
Leaf color : light green/ yellow
Plantation zone : center/on wood
Growth speed : medium
Ease of use : easy
Appeal herbivorous : NO
Origin : Asia, South East
Temperature (°C) : 20-28
Height (cm) : 10-30
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