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Buy Microsorum Pteropus - Java Fern Aquarium Plant For Sale

Microsorum Pteropus AKA Java Fern

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Difficulty : Easy

A very popular fern, which is attached to wood or rock. The rhizome must not be buried or it will rot. An undemanding plant which will grow in most conditions. Black spots under the leaves are not disease, they are, in fact sporangia or reproductive organs

Name : Microsorum Pteropus Java Fern
Home : Asia
Preferred Ph : 5.5-8
Temp range : 20-30C
Size : 15-30cm
Tank location :Midground
Lighting : 30-50w/100litres

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Richard Aldridge Gillingham Kent   5 Stars
This plant is absolutely fantastic,more than what I needed actually, I managed to get 3 more nice sized plants off the main plant,so in actual fact I got 4 Java Fern's for the price of 1! Fast delivery,well packed,and lovely healthy plants,thank you Aquarium Gardens.

Reviewer: Max Wales   5 Stars
Ordered three of these. Lovely plants, bigger than expected and in fantastic condition.

Reviewer: Chris Aire Plymouth   5 Stars
Nice sized, healthy plant and well packaged. Good size Rhizome and plantlets already starting to form. Extremely impressed.

Reviewer: George North Ayrshire   5 Stars
Very big plant at least 10" long. Many leaves of all different sizes. Quality company selling quality products. Highly recommend.

Reviewer: Iain Mortlock Peterborough   5 Stars
Very impressed with these plants. Wasn't expecting the plants to be already so thick and healthy. Very pleased!

Reviewer: Alex Gloucestershire   5 Stars
Bought 3 ferns, all arrived in good condition, large vibrant green leaves with a few small ferns starting out on the tips. Two weeks later I now have 6 moderately sized healthy ferns and one very small extra.

Reviewer: Alex London   5 Stars
Great little plant, very healthy, well packaged and quick delivery. Looks great on the bog wood I attached it to!