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Micranthemum Monte Carlo

Micranthemum Monte Carlo

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Micranthemum species ‘Monte Carlo’ is a foreground plant with fast growing when the optimal requirements are met. With use of good light, CO2 and soil rich in micro elements, it has a fast growth and creates a beautiful carpet on your planted aquarium. It is similar to Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba in that it carpets in a similar way. However, the leaves a slightly bigger. But still minute compared to most other aquatic plant species! It is also an easier plant to grow than HC, making it a great alternative! 
Type: Carpeting
Origin: South America
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 3 - 5+
Light demand: Medium
CO2 : Medium
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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Amrit Chana Heathrow   5 Stars
Plants arrived quickly even with standard delivery and are of a great quality. I purchased some from an LFS and those are not doing well, but the ones from aquarium gardens have been now planted for just over two weeks and are growing crazily and have covered twice the area they were planted in. Will definitely be buying all my future plants from these guys and would recommend them to everyone. ★★★★★

Reviewer: Tom C Cambridge   5 Stars
Got a few of these to start my planted tank. Plants arrived in great condition and are bedding in nicely.