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Manzanita Aquarium Wood Small

Manzanita Wood Small

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A small piece of Manzanita wood approximitley 12-16 inches in length, size may vary slightly from this. Each piece is chosen by us at random and will look different from the picture. This picture is purely there as an example of what we send out.

Use this piece of Manzanita wood to create an instant impact in your aquarium. Manzanita wood is a very attractive wood with many twisted branches that adds beauty and character to your planted aquarium. Great for tying moss and plants on to create an eye catching look. Our Manzanita wood will not stain your water or alter the PH levels.

  • Stunning feature!
  • Will not stain your water.
  • Hardwood so it will not rot.
  • Perfect for attaching plants to such as Moss, Java Fern and Anubias
Like all driftwood, Manzanita needs soaking to become saturated before it will sink. We recommend sitting the wood in a container of water until saturated before placing in your aquarium. This can take from 24 hours to two weeks depending on the size of the wood.

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Qasim London   5 Stars
Arrived securely, great shape and decent size for my nano tank!

Reviewer: Paul moor Durham   5 Stars
Awesome piece of wood. No tannins no fungus on wood and it has alot of potential to work with ive just got mine planted amongst the rocks and amazon swords but ive no doubt this would look even better with moss attached to it. Last thing this is a real nice piece of wood for its price and in all honesty ive seen alot worse for alot more money in the shops. I hope this helps 👍😆