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Ludwigia Arcuata

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Ludwigia Arcuata (also known as Luwigia narrow leaf) is an amazing stem plant that gets a different coloration when adapted to submerged state. When the right conditions are met (intense light and CO2), it tends to get a beautiful orange till strong red color.

Suitable for the mid-background area of your aquarium, the stems can grow 50cm tall.

Scientific name: Ludwigia arcuata
Common name: Narrow leaf ludwigia
Family: Onagraceae
Origin: North America
Maximum height: 50cm/20”+
Width of each stem: 3-5cm/1.2-2”
Temperature: 20-28°C/68-82°F
pH: 5.5-8
Light demands: Medium
Growth rate: Medium
Nutrient demands: Easy
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