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Littorella Uniflora Tissue Culture

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Littorella Uniflora is a rare aquatic plant that grows slow and stays low. Separate pot and plant each portion 2-3cm apart. This plant can be kept in low tech aquariums as well as with CO2 and high light where it will spread quickly. Works well as carpet or planted between rocks.

How to plant your tissue culture plants:
  1. Remove plant from packaging
  2. Rinse and wash away any gel/liquid
  3. Divide plant into 6-8 portions
  4. Plant directly into your substrate
All tissue culture plants are free from snails, algae and pesticides. The cups can be kept for a relatively long time before planting (sometimes weeks) meaning you can plant when you are ready. Keep in a cool place, sub 20 degrees and out of direct sunlight. Tissue culture plants are young plants with strong roots and are in much better health than their potted versions. Only open cups before planting to avoid contamination. CO2 and good fertilization will promote healthy growth.

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