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Carbon in the Aquarium


A little CO2 is better than no CO2. If CO2 injection is not for you then try using liquid carbon, a great alternative to co2 injection.

Carbon is one of the most important elements demanded by your aquatic plants for growth. The no.1 reason for failing to grow aquatic plants is down to lack of carbon. Even a small amount of added CO2 can help.

Many aquatic plants are cultivated emersed by producers. The concentration of CO2 in the air is much greater than in your aquarium, resulting in faster, healthy & lush plant growth. When you put your plants under water, CO2 becomes limited, which limits the health and growth of your plants. Therefore you can see why it's vital that we provide carbon for your plants to grow in an aquarium where CO2 is at a much lower concentration. It is especially important if you have medium to high lighting. With more light becomes a higher demand for nutrients and CO2 to fuel the plants growth.

Carbon can be supplemented in two ways by: injecting pressurized CO2 into your water or by dosing liquid carbon.

If your new to aquarium plants, liquid carbon offers the perfect solution to providing carbon in the aquarium. It is not as effective as injecting CO2 gas into your aquarium, but the initial expense is far less. It is ideal is planted aquariums with low lighting and easy care plants. All it requires is a small dose once a day. Watch your plants do the rest!

Liquid Carbon

TNC Carbon provides a safe, easy to use alternative to a CO2 gas injection system. It is an ideal solution if installing gas cylinders is either impractical, too complicated, or too expensive. 

Why CO2 is so Important

Plants source the Carbon from CO2 absorbed through the leaves. Most plants contain chlorophyll – the pigment which makes plants green. The chlorophyll absorbs light and the plant uses the energy from the light to convert the Carbon together with water (H2O) into sugars and carbohydrates (CH2O) – a process known as photosynthesis. The sugars and carbohydrates provide the energy for the plant to grow.

TNC Carbon is ideal for use with
TNC Complete and with TNC Plugs. It can also be used with other propriety aquarium fertilizers or as a supplement to an EI dosing system.

For further information of setting up a CO2 system please see our
CO2 set-up guide.