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Lilaeopsis on Net (15x10cm)

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Lilaeopsis is a beautiful low growing grass style plant that is absolutely perfect for carpeting with. This Lilaeopsis on net pad will make the growing in time reduced to nothing. This is a carpet 'on a plate'. Fully established on a piece of net measuring roughly 15x10cm, this will create an instant carpet in your aquarium. Simply place on the bottom of your aquarium, ideally in the foreground and you will have a full carpet with zero growing time. 

Lilaeopsis requires good light levels, and ideally with CO2 injection or liquid carbon (standard requirement in higher light set ups). Ensure you have some good circulation around the bottom where the Lilaeopsis is growing, and this plant should be very happy. It has a maximum height of 3-5cm, making this a excellent foreground plant for small to large aquariums.

Diffuculty : Medium
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