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Jungle Aquarium Plant Collections

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The 'Jungle Style' aquascaping technique is wild and chaotic. It aims to have a natural and uncontrolled appearance and is densely populated with plants. This style of planted aquarium is great for beginners, as little maintenance is required apart from weekly water changes and pruning where necessary.

Can't decide which plants to go for? or are you new to the hobby and wondering which plants are best  or how many you need? We can take the hassle out of it and make the decision for you! Simply choose the collection closest to the size of your aquarium. You will receive enough plants to comfortably fill your tank including a range of foreground, midground and background plants.

These collections designed for low maintenance tanks, for use with OR without CO2 injection. All plants come from our superb European range of plants, so you know you're receiving the highest quality that are shrimp safe and algae free guaranteed.

Difficulty : Easy

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