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Glass Aquariums - Available for store collection, or delivery (Aquascaper Aquariums Only). We have a selection of glass aquariums ideal for aquascaping. Our aquariums are open top and braceless for an unobstructed view of your aquascape. We are proud to offer Optiwhite tank by AG, Nano tanks by Dennerle and The Aquascaper Glass Aquariums + cabinets by Evolution Aqua.

Aquarium Gardens Recommends: Evolution Aqua 'The Aquascaper' Aquariums and Cabinets. The perfect aquarium for aquascaping featuring low-iron super clear optiwhite glass and high quality minimal silicone work. The Evo Aquascaper Tanks and Cabinet Set also offers professionally sculpted cut-outs positioned into the sides of the cabinet for CO2 hose, lighting cables and filter hoses. FREE DELIVERY when you buy The Aquascaper Tank and Cabinet together!

New and Recommended:
Optiwhite Aquariums by AG - Three popular nano dimensions with super low iron optiwhite glass and clear minimal silicone joints. 

All aquariums are available for collection from us in store. Smaller aquariums are stocked on hand in store, please call for availability on 01480 450572 or drop us an e-mail at Larger aquariums such as The Aquascaper tanks and cabinets are delivered direct to you on a pallet.
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