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Eleocharis Acicularis Hairgrass

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Eleocharis Acicularis (also known as Hairgrass) is an easy carpeting plant. Given the right amount of light this plant will carpet within weeks by shooting our runners. It is also suitable for lower tech set-ups, however growth will be slower. When planting, plant in small clumps into your substrate. The blades can reach up to 15cm in length. Once dense/overgrown you can trim down to 2-3cm to encourage new growth. It also looks effective when planted between rocks or amonst other foreground plants such as Hemianthus Callitrichoides or Sagittaria.
Difficulty : Easy

Preferred PH
Temp Range
Tank Location

Eleocharis Acicularis
5.5 - 7
10 - 26C
0.25W per litre
7 - 15cm

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Lynn Eaton Bray   5 Stars
My first order of this plant are growing really well so have now just received my second plant it is also a quality plant. Many Thanks

Reviewer: Alex Gloucestershire   5 Stars
Two portions of hairgrass bought, visually fantastic quality on arrival. Two weeks later I have runners competing with mischievous fish. A good buy at the price and these plants have come down 65p since.

Reviewer: Roberta Larocque    5 Stars
Received order , good condition. Thank you. RL

Reviewer: Paul Corlett Isle of Man   5 Stars
Lovely looking plant, again delivery very fast :)

Reviewer: George Lafferty Cumbria   5 Stars
Fast delivery and excellant plants delivered.

Reviewer: Lina west sussex   5 Stars
fast delivery, good condition!

Reviewer: Natalie Griffiths Poole   5 Stars
Great customer service, dispatch and plants always arrive in great condition, looking bright and vibrant and always do well if follow the advice and great info on the page. It's my go-to place and inspiring

Reviewer: Leah Wales   5 Stars
I was thrilled when this dwarf hairgrass arrived in excellent condition and also surprised at how much plant you get for the money. I have a 2 foot long tank and I managed to scape the foreground with only one load of this hairgrass. Granted, it needs to fill in and bush out, to achieve a beautiful lawn. But it seems to be doing very well in my setup, with the addition of root tabs. It's a beautiful plant and the fish live swimming through it.

Reviewer: Rootie Cambridge   5 Stars
Quality plants that are perfect for a lawn effect, I got 10 and it covered the area of a dinner plate.

Reviewer: D roberts Shropshire   5 Stars
First time ordering from this site and i have to say excellent customer service and very high quality plants. Bought 2 pots of this and A1 quality. Will definitely buy my plants from here now.