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Echinodorus Ozelot Leopard Green

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Echinodorus 'Ozelot' is a hybrid of the Echinodorus schluteri 'Leopard' and Echinodorus ‘Barthii’. Growing up to 50cm tall and up to a 40cm wide rosette. Bright green leaves feature black spots, darkest on the youngest leaves. Retains its spots in low light conditions. Nutrient rich substrate promotes growth, fertilization beneficial. Echinodorus 'Ozelot Green' is an easy to grow and care for as it thrives in almost all tank conditions. Propagation by rhizome division of larger plants or adventitious shoots.

Difficulty : Easy

Place of originCultivated
Temperature range22 – 28 degrees Celsius
Maximum height25 – 35 cm
Growth rateFast
Light rateMedium
Position rangeCenter
Article number1188
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Reviewer: Rob Fairlight   5 Stars
I was very surprised, and delighted, to receive not one, but two of these plants in my single order. They were both in perfect condition and arrived in a timely fashion. Thank you very much Aquarium Gardens :)

Reviewer: Lina west sussex   5 Stars
fast delivery, good condition! lovely plant

Reviewer: Anthony Moulding Hexham, Northumberland   4 Stars
Never had them before, but these are just the right size for the middle. If they are as good as the Amazon Swords they should be great. Thank you.