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Echinodorus magdalensis

Echinodorus magdalensis

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Echinodorus magdalensis is a beautiful species of Echinodorus, with long bright green leaves. Often planted in the foreground, however this plant can grow surprisingly too big for the foreground, therefore we recommend putting this plant in the midground. It willingly sends out runners to form new plants. Not particularly demanding, good fertilization will keep the leaves a nice colour. A good beginner plant not often found in your local fish shop.

ORIGIN: South America
AREA: Foreground/midground
LIGHT: medium to high
TEMP: 22-28C
CO2: Recommended, but not essential
PH: 5-8
WATER HARDNESS: Soft to hard
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Reviewer: Ken Crewe   5 Stars
Just received this plant along with 2 other plants, they are very healthy looking plants and they will be in my tank later