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Dutch Aquascaping Plant Collection for Tanks up to 30"

Dutch Aquascaping Plant Collection for Tanks up to 30"

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A 'Ducth Style' plant collection, recommended for tanks sized 30 inches (2.5 feet). The picture shows exactly what you will receive.

The Dutch style of aquascaping relies heavily on fast plant growth and the arrangement of plants in the aquarium. Plants are grouped together whilst complimenting each other with different colours, shapes and sizes. There is often 1-2 red plants in the aquarium which offer a focal point. Other plants are arranged using height, leaf size and texture.

CO2 injection and plant fertilizers are highly recommended to support the fast plant growth. Standard fluorecent tubes as well as LED's are fine for Dutch aquascaping.

This collection is a great starting point for your Ducth aquascape, especially if you havn't done one before. We have included a variety of plants that compliment each other to cover the foreground, midground and background sections of your aquarium. 

Here's what you will receive:

Position Size Comments
2 x Potted Pogostemon Helferi  
Enjoys CO2
1 x Potted Cryptocoryne

1 x 'Dutch Street' plant

2 x Midground Stem Plant




Contrasting darker colours

Used to create depth

Prune to maintain size

3 x Background Stems

1 x Red Plant 




Up to 40cm  

Up to 40cm

Fast growing

Focal Point


Dutch plant collections are hand picked by us, plants are chosen according to the description above and will vary week to week depending on the stock we have in. You are always guaranteed a great mix for a Dutch aquascape. Should any specific plants become unavailable​, suitable replacements will be provided to the same or greater value.
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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Harry London   5 Stars
Really good collection, had a great selection of plants and has really brought my tank to life! Some really beautiful picks and plants I wasn't even familiar with! The only thing I would suggest is someone who isn't familiar with each plant's details, may have to google the names to see which part of the collection they are, e.g. midground/background stem.

Reviewer: Francisco Dundee, Scotland.   5 Stars
Fast order deliver and great online/telephone support. The plant collection was a good mix of species to start up my new 125l Dutch style aquarium. Overall, a 5 stars service - product quality - value for money - experience.