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Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

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Difficulty : Easy

Cryptocoryne Wendtii green is on of the most common crypts and certainly the most popular of all the Cryptocoryne we have on sale. The ability to thrive is most conditions is one of the main reasons for this. An excellent beginner plant. It in an undemanding plant, can survive in low light and can be grown with or without co2. Strip dead or dying leaves to encourage new gorwth. A good nutricous substrate is recommend or use root nutition tabs.

Like with many Crypts, during the first couple of weeks the plant will shed a few leaves. This is normal as the plant is adapting to it's new conditions. It will send then out new leaves in it's new adapted form. Cut away dead or dying leaves to encourage new growth.

Preferred PH
Temp Range
Tank Location

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green
Sri Lanka
6 - 9
20 - 30C
0.25W per litre
5 - 10cm

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: H. Perry Orkney, Scotland   5 Stars
Hi, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the plants I received today. It can always be a bit hit or miss ordering things on-line but the specimens you sent were very healthy, and actually much larger than expected (for example I could split one of the little Cryptocoryne pots I purchased into 5 smaller but still healthy sized plants! The packaging was well thought out and more than sufficient to protect plants but not so ott that it was needlessly wasting plastic etc and was also simple enough to get into without risking damage to the plants. I will certainly be saving your web address and ordering from you again. I have also mentioned you to a few of my 'fishy' friends. Thank you for offering such outstanding quality, and service, I will certainly be back!

Reviewer: Frank Molloy moreton   5 Stars
I was very pleased with my order which I RECEIVED TODAY the quality of the plants was excellent could not have been any better. The packing was also excellent ! I HAVE now changed my supplier from aqua essentials, to Aquarium Gardens as I find them to be a better company. YOU CAN BUY IN CONFIDENCE . Try them I did you wont be dissapointed.

Reviewer: Ken Crewe   5 Stars
I've bought these plants a few weeks ago and they are good, growing very nicely that's why I've come back for more. Also the service is very good, fast delivery and arrive in very good condition, I will be be back.

Reviewer: Ken Crewe   5 Stars
Very heathy plant, good roots and no bugs which is always good, I will be back for more plants

Reviewer: Bill Clews Leyland   5 Stars
Excellent service. Plants delivered at scheduled time, well packaged and in superb condition. Particularly impressive was the root system on all the plants. Couldn't be bettered.

Reviewer: Ray Duffy Kent   5 Stars
Healthy, clean plants with strong roots. Superbly packaged. First time visitor to Aquarium Gardens. Will definitely not be my last. Customer service excellent. Didn't have one of the items I ordered. Got a phone call to inform me and offer number of different options.

Reviewer: Andy Rutter Scaborough   5 Stars
Fantastic clean and healthy plants good growth of plant and roots. The best I have had or seen for sale for a long time. Easily split these up to form some smaller groups and growing well after a few days.

Reviewer: Laura Milton Keynes   5 Stars
I received my order today and I am messaging to say how pleased I was to receive your plants. I've used various online plant order sites in the past and been happy, but the parcel you sent me was filled with established potted plants, all fresh and healthy with no wilting, in a practical and safe container. The service provided was much more than I had ever expected, and I will definitely be ordering again, as well as telling others about your online store. I work in an aquatics store so frequently come into contact with customers seeking quality plants at great value. I will not hesitate to send them your way! Thank you so much, I'll be ordering more next week when I have been paid (:

Reviewer: Dan Angus   5 Stars
Thanks. I bought some cryptocoryne plants which came in good condition the next day. I am happy with the plants which have strong root structures and should be able to get established quickly.

Reviewer: James McLaughlin Norwich   5 Stars
A continually superb service from Aquarium Gardens. Ordered this Cryptocoryne Wendtii and it arrived the next day! Superb condition, well packed. Went straight in and it looks to be doing great already! Thanks guys!

Reviewer: Richard Aldridge Gillingham. Kent.   5 Stars
Excellent plant! I usually buy from another online supplier but this plant was out of stock so I thought I would give AG a try as I had never heard of them before. P&P slightly dearer than my usual supplier but the plants are cheaper which made up for it. Pleasantly surprised at the size and condition of the plant when it arrived,very well packed and very green and healthy looking,no dead leaves and excellent root system. As an extra bonus,with careful use of the tweezers I managed to get 8 rooted plantlets from the pot,now that's what I call value for money. I also ordered some Java moss and a moss ball,all excellent quality too,the Moss ball was half the price of Pets At Home. Too sum up I would say that my initial dealings with AG have seriously made me think about changing my plant supplier to them!!

Reviewer: Fiona Hardie Fife, Scotland   5 Stars
First time we have purchased from AG. Beautiful quality plants, fast delivery and extremely well packaged for travel. Will be buying more plants for our other tank shortly and would recommend to everyone looking for fair priced, quality plants.