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Cryptocoryne Balansae - Aquarium Gardens Cryptocoryne Balansae - Aquarium Gardens Cryptocoryne Balansae - Aquarium Gardens
Cryptocoryne Balansae - Aquarium Gardens

Cryptocoryne Balansae

Difficulty : Medium
Stock Status : In Stock

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Cryptocoryne Balansae is a proven adaptable aquarium plant, one of the more popular amongst hobbyists. A beautiful tall background Crypt with long crimped leaves. It appreciates and responds well to CO2 infusion. Propagation like most Crypts is by runners. If leaves die when first planted, persevere it should develop new fresh growth. Old, well established leaves, under moderate to high light, are most likely to flower and create runners. Under ideal conditions, leaves will grow to 24 inches tall and 1 inch wide, making it best placed in tank background.

This Plant enjoys mineral rich substrate to be at it's best, so we recommend buying some TNC Nutrient Plugs. 

Difficulty : Medium

Name : Cryptocoryne Balansae

Home : South East Asia

Preferred Ph : 5.5-8

Temp range : 22-28C

Size : up to 50cm

Tank location : Background

Lighting : 30-50w/100litres

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Richard Aldridge-Gillingham Kent-5 Stars


I don't like writing reviews because I'm a man of few words,so to save being boring I'll just say that every plant I've bought from Aquarium Gardens has been of excellent quality, I've bought three different Cryptocoryne varieties today and not one dead leaf amongst them!

Just about the best supplier of aquatic plants available,great plants,great packaging,so a big thumbs up from me.👍

Richard Aldridge-Gillingham. Kent-5 Stars


I don't write reviews because I'm rubbish at it,but I felt compelled to review my most recent purchases from Aquarium Gardens.

This cryptocoryne Balansae arrived well packed and in excellent condition,no dead leaves and after carefully seperating I managed to get ,3 well rooted plantlets from it,now that's value for money!

Carol-Lincolnshire-5 Stars

Beautiful plants,great as a background plant ,arrived in exelent condition well grown ,perfect leaves. I would not hesitate to reccomend this company to anyone as ive placed several orders and the packing and condition of plants and customer service is first rate.

Laura-Milton Keynes-5 Stars

I received my order today and I am messaging to say how pleased I was to receive your plants. I've used various online plant order sites in the past and been happy, but the parcel you sent me was filled with established potted plants, all fresh and healthy with no wilting, in a practical and safe container. The service provided was much more than I had ever expected, and I will definitely be ordering again, as well as telling others about your online store. I work in an aquatics store so frequently come into contact with customers seeking quality plants at great value. I will not hesitate to send them your way!

Thank you so much, I'll be ordering more next week when I have been paid (:

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