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CO2 Drop Checker U-Shape Kit from Aquarium Gardens

CO2 Hang-on Drop Checker U-Shape Kit

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The U-Shape Co2 Drop Checker helps in the gauging of Co2 content within your aquarium. The indicator letting you see warning signs before excessive Co2 start to hurt your fish.

This Drop Checker is designed to effortlessly hang on the aquarium rim. It’s sleek low profile U-shape minimizes distractions from your aquascape while still giving you a clear Co2 reading.

Suitable for glass thickness less than 12mm.

15ml Drop Checker Solution

No mixing nor preparation required.

If solution will be changed once a month it will last over 6 months.

This is everything what you need to start testing CO2 in your aquarium

Set up Guide:

Monitoring and maintaining the correct CO2 levels in your planted aquarium is vital for a successful setup. The drop checker is a reservoir for indicative fluid that tells you whether you have too much, too little or the correct levels of CO2 for your plants.

How to install your CO2 Drop Checker

  1. Take your drop checker and fill the reservoir half way with drop checker solution.
  2. Using the suction cup, submerge the drop checker around 15cm below the water and stick to the aquarium glass sides.
  3. Based on the concentration of your CO2 in your water, the colour of the solution will change. This could take up to 2 hours before you get your first reading.
  4. Check the colour. Blue = too little CO2 concentration, Yellow = too much CO2 (dangerous levels for fish), Green = optimum levels of CO2 for plants and fish safety.
  5. Based on your reading, adjust your CO2 bubble rate using your regulator if required. Wait a further 2 hours for concentration of CO2 to change and check your readings again.
As a guide, usually between 1 - 3 bubbles per second through your bubble counter is usually enough to get a green reading on tanks up to 200 L. Adjust this according to your tank size and the colour shown in your drop checker.

TIP: You will need to turn your CO2 ON 1-2 hours before the lights come on to ensure CO2 levels are increased ready for the photo period.

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