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Carbon Dioxide is the root to success in the planted aquarium. The use of CO2 is a key component for lush plant growth and a healthy planted aquarium. Aquarium Gardens stock a range of CO2 equipment for use in planted aquariums. You will find everything you need for a full CO2 setup (minus the CO2 cylinder- shipping these gets tricky). 

To save you time, we have collections combining all the items required for a full aquarium CO2 set-up. All you need is a CO2 bottle with a standard UK fitting and you can get started. We also supply adapters for use with our regulators and Sodastream CO2 cylinders. You can obtain Sodastream CO2 bottles and refills from major retailers or from Sodastream online. This makes a very simple CO2 solution for planted aquariums, each bottle will last on average 1-4 months in aquariums up to 200 Liters.

Useful Guides and Intructions for CO2 Systems