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Bogwood Small (15-20cm)

Bogwood Small (15-20cm)

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A heavy sinking piece of driftwood, unlike other types of wood this driftwood will sink immediately. This wood will give your aquarium that natural feel and maturity. We would advise using multiple pieces to create a stunning look.

Driftwood is also perfect for attaching plants such as Anubias, Microsorum (Java Fern) and mosses to. Using a piece of fishing line to attach, this will give that mature, natural look.

This product requires rinsing before use. It will leech tannins which can be removed via water changes. Or try soaking the wood several times before use to reduce tannin leeching. Over time the wood will stop leeching tannin.

The picture displays an example piece of driftwood, as this is a natural product each piece will vary in size and shape. Small pieces are sized 15-25cm in length. 
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Reviewer: Chris Aire Plymouth   5 Stars
Extremely pleased. My piece was nearly 28cm long. Perfect for attaching my new Java Fern to.