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Aquarium Plants from Aquarium Gardens. We offer a wide range of tropical aquarium plants of the highest quality. Aquarium plants enhance the look of your tank, adding colour, style and life. They  also act as natural filtration by absorbing nutrients that are toxic to fish, therefore creating a cleaner, healthier environment for your fish. Our plants are fully rooted, vibrant and bursting with life!

We always advise that you remove the pot & rock wool prior to planting. This ensures the roots are not restricted and have the freedom to grow in your substrate. You will get several plants from one pot. 

Useful Information:

Plant Difficulty Ratings
Preparing Your Plants for Planting

Plant Categories 

Foreground Aquarium Plants
Foreground, low growing & carpeting aquarium plants.
Midground Aquarium Plants
Plants suitable for placing around rocks and wood in the middle sections of the aquarium.
Background Aquarium Plants
Background plants are perfect for filling up large or empty sections at the rear of your aquarium.
Carpet Plants
Ground cover plants that will spread a form a carpet.
Beginner Aquarium Plants
Undemanding plants that can handle a variety of tank conditions, including low lighting and no-CO2. Perfect for the news Aquascapers.
Aquarium Plants Full List
A full list of aquarium plants, if there's something you can't find then feel free to contact us and we will try our best to source it for you.
Tissue Culture Plants
Lab plants - Free from algae, pests and disease!
Floating Plants
Ideal for new tanks, fast growing!
Mother / XL Plants
For some more established, check out our XL plants.
Plants for Attaching to Wood and Stone
Use aquatic glue or moss cotton to attach these plants to wood or rock.
Rare Plants
Rare and limited plants, grab them while you can!
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