Aquarium Co2 Set up Kit  from Aquarium Gardens

Aquarium Co2 Set up Kit  from Aquarium Gardens Aquarium Co2 Set up Kit  from Aquarium Gardens Aquarium Co2 Set up Kit  from Aquarium Gardens
Aquarium Co2 Set up Kit  from Aquarium Gardens

Aquarium CO2 Kit Pro-SE, Complete System

Low price, High quality CO2 Kit. For use with any UK standard refillable CO2 bottle.
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CO2 Art Pro-SE regulator with solenoid, and the best CO2 accessories. 

Dual stage design minimise increase in output pressure as pressure drops in gas cylinder and will prevent end-tank-dump keeping your aquarium livestock safe and CO2 levels constant.

This kit will come with everything you need to start injecting CO2 into your aquarium.

Regulator is fully compatible with most EU and UK standard CO2 cylinders with DIN477 Connection. (bottle not included)

Products included in this System :

  • Pro-SE Regulator and solenoid
  • Diffuser - 3 models to choose from
  • Integrated Bubble Counter
  • CO2 Drop Checker and Indicator Fluid
  • 3m of CO2 Resistant Tubing

Recommend diffuser size:
Twinstar Small - Up to 50L
Twinstar Medium - Up to 100L
Twinstar Large - Up to 200L
Flux Small - Up to 250L
Flux Large - Up to 400L

Useful Information:
CO2 Setup Guide

Pro-SE Series Regulator at a Glance

A - CO2 cylinder connection nut
B - Working pressure adjustment knob
C - High pressure / CO2 cylinder pressure gauge (displays the amount of CO2 in your cylinder). Please note, for most of the time pressure will be at level of 700-900PSI as CO2 is in liquid state. When gauge will start to drop, that means liquid gas has evaporated and you have from couple hours to couple of days left to change the cylinder (depending on your bubble rate).
D - Low pressure / working pressure gauge
E - Bubble counter with integrated check valve
F - Gas flow (bubble rate) adjustments precision needle valve
G - Solenoid valve compatible with most pH controllers and electric timers

Step 1 | Washer Installation

Place washer between CO2 cylinder outlet and regulator's stem (inside regulator's nut)

Step 2 | Tighten the regulator

Tighten the regulator to your CO2 cylinder using a spanner or wrench

Step 3 | Bubble counter installation

A - Remove top cap and fill bubble counter with water*
B - Feed tubing through the collar and install cap back onto the bubble counter (detailed bubble counter tutorial)
*We do not recommend mineral oil as it may contaminate your diffuser.

Step 4 | Pressurising the regulator

A - Open main CO2 cylinder valve
B - Adjust working pressure to desire level* by turning front knob clockwise
1 - Reactors 10-20PSI*
2 - Ceramic and Basic diffusers 20-30PSI*
3 - High pressure atomizers (inline & bazooka) 30-40PSI*

Step 5 | Fine tuning bubble rate

A - Plug the solenoid into a power outlet socket
B - Start turning the needle valve anticlockwise to achieve the desired bubble rate.
Please allow 5-30seconds for pressure to stabilise between adjustments.
Monitor your bubble rate for the first two days and fine tune to achieve desire flow.
Do not adjust the flow right after solenoid is powered up. Please wait at least 30minutes before further adjustments. 
After each regulator installation, follow steps from below video to make sure your system is leak-proof.

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Nigel Debney-Swindon-5 Stars

Excellent help in deciding requirements and also where to source refillable Co2 cylinder from

Robyn-Wisbech-5 Stars

No Regrets!

I set up an aquascape more than 18 months ago, which did not work out well, by month 12 algae had taken over, and killing my plants, so I did my research and decided now was the time to take my aquarium up a lever or two, and opted for Co2.

Initially i was put off by how technical it all seems, but once you get your head around it, its absolutely a breeze to do, and I set up this kit within minutes, though i will admit that i almost pressed the fire extinguisher handle until I noticed the two plastic washers that need to be put into place to ensure an air tight fit, well the one washer, other is a spare apparently =)

I will admit, I watched a very educational video by Mr Farmer over on some video social media platform, which helped me out a lot, I think without initially watching the video before buying the equipment, I would not have been so convinced that it would be so easy to install, but it is, even a numpty like me can do it.

And I swear that I can see new growth on my Rotala's already, on day 3!!!

Now, just waiting for those twinstars to come back in stock =)

Chris -South Wiltshire-5 Stars


This product seems to be excellent value, easy to install, looks really good and feels like it has a high build quality. The customer service/delivery from AG was also very good too. The only slight criticism that I have is that the item didn't come with any suction cups for the CO2 piping, so I've had to order them separately and incur additional charges.

brian nicholls-scotland-5 Stars

a company you can trust

what can i say, my dealing with this company is nothing less then fantastic, the care and support shown couldent be beat, the unit i received is fantastic, well built and so easy to use, the company even found me a co2 supplier in scotland, will order with them over and over with confidence

Alex-Oxford-5 Stars

Use C02!

Co2 kit arrived the day after ordering and I bought a couple of 2kg fire extinguishers online. I was anxious to set up pressurised co2 for the first time, but it was easy to do and I would be very confident to do it again. Pearling on the first day! And a couple of days to work out the best bubble count. Thank you Aquarium Gardens!

Sacha--5 Stars

Premium quality product which has an unparalleled affordability compared to most other aquarium dual stage regulators. This is by far the easiest option to buy if you are considering adding co2 to an aquarium

Jasmine-Bristol-5 Stars

Great kit with everything you need! Really easy to set up and within an hour I saw my plants pearling! Can't wait to see the progress in a few weeks!

Thanks for the speedy delivery!

Richard-Poole-5 Stars

Helped to be able to buy a complete Co2 system. All high-quality components and all i needed. Works great. Top quality service as usual from Aquarium Gardens. Item arrived within 24hrs.

Su-Manchester-5 Stars

I put off using CO2 for a long time as it all seemed overwhelming. After feeling frustrated with the slow growth of my plants, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy this kit, plus a 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher locally for £12. That was literally all I needed. I watched a few YouTube videos on how to connect everything while waiting for the kit to arrive, and had it all set up and running in about 15 minutes (with great support from Aquarium Gardens - thanks to Dave for his patience with my phone calls!) I got the large diffuser as I have a 240 litre tank - I was concerned it might not distribute properly in a tank this size but I placed it under a cheap Hydor Koralia nano powerhead and that's done the trick.

The equipment is excellent quality and actually slightly cheaper than buying everything separately. 2.5 weeks in and it is running beautifully. My plants have exploded in growth, the difference is amazing and my fish are all fine. It's all been so much easier than I expected. If you are thinking of CO2 but feeling uncertain how to get started, I highly recommend this as a simple all-in-one kit.

steve-lincolnshire-5 Stars

superb value for money once set up let the timer do the rest highly recommended

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