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Aponogeton Crispus

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Aponogeton crispus from Sri Lanka look good in any aquarium with its light-green, transparent leaves. Leaves from 25-50 cm and the plant grows to 15-25 cm wide. It makes few demands, although growth is always best in soft, slightly acidic water with a nutritious bottom. In such conditions the plant produces a mass of leaves, and it flowers very frequently in optimum conditions. Aponogeton crispus is generally found in ponds that are only filled with water in the rainy season, but it does not need a dormant period in the aquarium. This plant is produced by Tropica and is potted and fully rooted. Origin: Asia Growth rate: High Height: 20 - 30+ Light demand: Medium CO2 : Low
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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Richard W Wales   5 Stars
Came very well packaged and the plant(s) are of the highest quality. Placed within substrate using gravel and fish already loving it, particularly my Jack Dempsey's. Great service throughout and certainly know where to have aquarium plants delivered to my door in the future.

Reviewer: John Altrincham   5 Stars
This bulb was one of several easy plants I ordered for a 60cm deep Juwel trigon 190 community tank. I have moderate light and use TNC tabs plus TNC lite liquid ferts followed by TNC complete after a fortnight. Substrate is plain inert gravel. This plant lost all it's leaves within the first week. Three weeks later I have 20 plus olive green leaves and a flowering shoot. Size is 30cm x15. It looks like serrated green translucent lace waving in the flow.Its just off centre in my tank and is quite stunning. I have very soft and slightly acidic water at 27deg c. All the other plants are looking good too . The anubias golden nana is also an eyecatcher. ..

Reviewer: Mark Bristol   5 Stars
Pretty underwhelmed when the plants arrived. Its about 6 weeks in now and they are stunning. About too place my next order