Anubias Nana Mini

Difficulty : Easy
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Anubias Nana Mini is a much smaller version of the more common Anubias Nana. It makes the perfect foreground plant for smaller aquariums where other types of Anubias look too big for the size of your aquarium. It can also be used in larger aquariums in aquascaping, where one would like to achieve a greater sense of scale.

Like all anubias, this plant performs well attached to wood or rocks. Suitable beginners or experienced plant keeper, high light or low light aquariums, CO2 or no CO2 injection. 

Difficulty : Easy

Temperature range22 – 28 degrees Celsius
Maximum height8 – 15 cm
Growth rateSlow
Light rateLow
Position rangeForeground


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Alison-Buckinghamshire-5 Stars

Fast service and excellent quality. Used to create six plants attached to bog wood in my betta tank. Perfect and thriving

Anonymous-Cheshire-5 Stars

Excellent product, great plant perfect for nano tank, arrived in excellent condition along with rest of order.. Extremely good service, ordered sunday night, dispatched monday and arrived tuesday morning.

Mike Watt-Aberdeenshire-5 Stars

Plants received in excellent condition. Well packaged, prompt delivery, good communications. Secured between a rock and bogwood feature. Can't wait to see how they settle in and grow over the coming weeks.

George-North Ayrshire-5 Stars

Ordered one plant which divided into two. Green and lush . Arrived quickly well packaged and just the right size to glue onto my shrimp pyramid of tubes. Highly recommend. It's good to find company that sells quality.

Bruno Santos-Cambridge, UK-5 Stars

Really nice and compact anubias which are perfect to attach to wood at the foreground. Wasn't really sure how many plants were in there as it was hard to remove from the stone wool so ended up breaking it probably 4/5 plants for pot and then was worried the rhyzome was simply to small and the plant would melt. I was wrong as they all seem to be doing great even the tiniest bits have magically recovered

Helen-Banbury-5 Stars

I have used your company several times & have been impressed with the quality of the plants. We have several aquariums, my son has a Fluval Chi to house his Betta, two tetras and an albino cory.

We have always used artificial plants in this little tank, thinking there was so little light, there was no other option, but my son wanted to try some living plants.

We ordered low light requirement plants, thinking we would cobble up additional lighting, but have been amazed to find additional lighting has not been necessary. The plants are thriving - soon need trimming.

It has been a revelation! By choosing the correct plants for the light conditions, plus the excellent liquid carbon (another great find), plants that would normally deteriorate within days have flourished.

Have recommended you to friends & will definitely shop again,



Liz Walker-notts-5 Stars

I am new to aquarium keeping , pleased I found your wonderful site , easy to find suitable plants . This plant came well packed and very clean and healthy looks great on my bog wood .Thankyou .

j bes-staffs-5 Stars

Used Aquarium gardens before only place i trust with my shrimp . when this plant came it was lovely nice and green a mass of roots was that nice was thinking of keeping it as a house plant LOL but put in aquarium tied it onto a rock . it looks smashing . really love this company will help with anything you need to know and superfast post ty

Debbie-Fife-5 Stars

I chose to buy from Aquarium Gardens because it had a section dedicated to beginner plants which made it much easier for me to pick out plants as I am new to keeping aquatic plants. The website was really easy to use, plants arrived quickly and are packaged very very well. All look lovely and healthy and had very good quick communication when I had a few questions. Will defintely buy again.

HS-Oxfordshire-5 Stars

Gorgeous little plant, arrived in perfect condition, quick an efficient service!

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