Anubias Golden Nana

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Anubias 'Golden Nana' is an unusual yet striking form of Anubias. The leaves are much lighter than most other Anubias, and golden in colour (usually dark green). It does not loose it's colour over time either. If you're looking for an easy plant with some brighter colour than most other plants then this is the one to go for.

Like all Anubias, it requires attaching to rocks or wood for best results. This can easily be achieved using some fishing line. If you plant this in your substrate the the rhizome will rot.

Anubias 'Golden Nana' will thrive in low light or high light, however it is best placed in shaded areas as the slow growth of the leaves can often get algae formations on them over time. You can easily rub the algae off with your fingers if it ever becomes a problem.

Be sure to fertilize your water, as this plant takes nutrients direct from the water column. The roots are not in your substrate so will rely on nutrients in the water. Couple with liquid carbon and your plants will be happy.

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Bryan Mobley-warwickshire-5 Stars

anubius golden nana.

great healthy plants thanks.

Duncan-Glasgow-5 Stars


Sue-Manchester-5 Stars

Bought this a month ago and superglued the rhizome to my driftwood. It's doing great. Beautiful plant and the lighter green is a lovely contrast. Great quality.

Shane-Bournemouth-5 Stars

This is a beautiful little plant that arrived in very good condition and well packaged.

John-Altrincham-5 Stars

This plant provides a delightful contrast to the darker green of my anubias mini. I have it sat centrally on a large piece of bogwood in a trigon 190 tank. I attach all plants to wood with superglue gel. I cut the roots close to the rhizome in two places and hold until set (about 20 seconds) after three weeks this is now well anchored by new roots and the original glue can't ne seen. Liquid TNC lite used for two weeks followed by a week of TNC complete has resulted in new leaves showing and the original leaves turning golden yellow. Very impressed with this plant. No hint of rhizome rot.

Leah-Wales-4 Stars

The amount of anubia species that have become available over the 4 years that I have been out of the fish hobby, is ridiculous and I have needed to have some willpower, not to purchase all of them. I thought this golden nana would contrast wonderfully with the rest of the plants, in my planted tank and it sure does. However, as of yet, it hasn't done very well for me: I've had some rhizome rot and the leaves haven't grown very healthily. But I'm sure it's just the plant adapting to its new surroundings and it will definitely not deter me, from purchasing Anubias from AG again.

Daniel Allpress-London-5 Stars

Once again great service from AG. My anubias golden nana arrived in great condition !!.I highly recommend AG for all aquarium plants !!

George-North Ayrshire-5 Stars

Excellent service, excellent fresh healthy plant. Good size. Good value for money. Would highly recommend.

Anthony Moulding-Hexham, Northumberland.-5 Stars

Lovely little plant for the foreground. Nice contrast of yellow compared to the other plants around it. Growing well.

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