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Anubias Coffeefolia

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Anubias coffeefolia is a very beautiful, low cultivator of Anubias barteri. 15-25 cm tall and a creeping rhizome from 10-15 cm or more. It is characteristic that the leaves arch considerably between the leaf ribs and The colour combination and leaf shape make it an attractive variety in both large and small aquariums. Anubias species seem to grow so slowly that they do not realize that they have been submerged. It is not eaten by herbivorous fish.

Anubias Coffeefolia will happily grow in high light or low light aquariums, with co2 or no co2 injection. A fertilized water column helps make this plant thrive.

Difficulty : Easy
AREA: Foreground
LIGHT: Light to moderate
TEMP: 22-28C
CO2: CO2 and NON CO2 tanks
PH: 5-9
WATER HARDNESS: Very soft to very hard
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