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Alternanthera Rosaefolia

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Alternanthera Rosaefolia is a lovely looking red/ background plant. It has sturdy red/purple stems and long pointy leaves.

To get this best colours out of this plant, high light is required which can often make this tricky to grow. With good co2 infusion and regular nutrient dosing this plant will grow very well and reach the surface happily.

Plant in groups of 2 plus. It can be pruned regularly to encourage a bushy look. Cuttings can be re-planted and will develop new roots within days.

Difficulty : Medium

Place of originSouth America
Temperature range22 – 28 degrees Celsius
Maximum height25 – 50cm
Growth rateMedium – Fast
Light rateHigh
Position rangeBackground

Remove the pot and the mineral wool carefully from the roots. Plant the stems at intervals and spread the loose roots into the bottom layer. When trimming, cut at any desired position and replant the cutting. The new plants will develop roots within a week. 
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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: kevin coxhead wiltshire   5 Stars
good looking plant excellent service well packed this will make a feature plant in my tank

Reviewer: Dan East Sussex   5 Stars
In great condition when arrived and has, with CO2 injection and EI ferts grown exponentially in the three weeks after planting! I have cut many stems and utilised elsewhere in the tank.

Reviewer: Dave C Birmingham   5 Stars
Great plants, super healthy, nice colour. Arrived promptly, well packed and potted. Ordered too many so be awre you get several stems per pot. They've already grown 2cm or so after 3-4 days. Feeding TNC Complete and CO2 with Tetra Complete substrate.

Reviewer: paul cook Milton Keynes   5 Stars
Beautiful, well form and health plant excellent quality looks nice in my aquarium