ADA Terra Base M + Neo Glass Air Kit

ADA Terra Base M + Neo Glass Air Kit ADA Terra Base M + Neo Glass Air Kit ADA Terra Base M + Neo Glass Air Kit
ADA Terra Base M + Neo Glass Air Kit

ADA Terra Base M + Neo Glass Air Kit

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The Terra Base M Kit combines the Terra Base M, Neo Glass Air and Neo Glass Air Cover.

The DOOA Terra Base M

The DOOA Terra Base M is a real innovation from DOOA, for a particularly innovative look of your Wabi-Kusa. This lovingly crafted clay product opens up the possibility of bringing a striking piece of rainforest into your living room and keeping small orchids, ferns and mosses that otherwise grow on rainforest tree trunks in a state that comes close to their natural habitat. The Terra Base M is planted with mosses and epiphytes (by binding or glueing) and placed e.g. in the Neo Glass AIR. The plants are supplied by filling the Terra Base M with water, which seeps through the pores of the pottery and also provides a cooling effect during the warm summer days through evaporation. The plants can also be sprayed with DOOA Wabi-Kusa Mist.


ADA DOOA Neo Glass Air - 20x20x35cm

Nano Glass Air by DOOA is a very high-quality aquarium with almost invisible silicone connections between the discs. Unlike other aquariums, these small, special Neo Glass Air aquariums have an integrated glass stand that gives the impression that the aquarium is floating. This makes Neo Glass Air a decorative element in every room.

Glass cover for DOOA Neo Glass AIR aquarium 20 x 20 cm.

With the appropriate DOOA cover, your Wabi-Kusa is protected from excess evaporation. It also keeps away dust and other impurities from your aquarium and its inhabitants. In addition, it acts as thermal insulation and thus saves electricity. Noticeably less water evaporates and the air humidity in the tank is kept at an ideal level especially for Wabi-Kusa. The fixing of the cover is very easy with the help of the antiskid sticker that come with the cover.

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