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UK Aquarium Plant and Aquascaping Specialists 

Aquarium Gardens began in 2014, specialising in aquarium plants. Today we carry all the aquascaper needs for creating beautiful planted aquariums and aquascapes - everything from the tank itself, to lighting, CO2 equipment, hardscape and a vast array of aquatic plants. In a nutshell - we've got it covered!

Aquarium Gardens are well known for stocking a wide range of high quality aquatic 
plants sourced from the best producers across Europe. We're confident you'll be impressed with the quality of our plants so much that we guarantee your plants to arrive fresh and healthy, or your money back. What you see in our pictures is what you can expect to receive.​

Our plants are imported every week direct from producers in Holland and Denmark. We hold our plants in a very similar way to our producers, ensuring you receive a high quality product every time.  Orders are dispatched to our customers on Monday - Friday via Royal Mail First Class post or DPD.

DPD orders placed before 1pm are dispatched same day! (Mon - Fri).

Aquascaper 1500

Visit Us - Aquascaping Shop and Showroom 

Unlike many other websites, Aquarium Gardens also have a dedicated aquascaping shop welcoming customers to view our plants and aquascaping products before you purchase. Come and see how we grow our plants and what makes them so great!

We have an extensive range of hardscape available to choose from and a dedicated hardscape layout sandpit that makes designing your next aquascape much easier. 

Each piece of equipment we sell has been tried and tested in our aquascaping showroom - boasting 10 display aquascapes, so you can be sure what you're purchasing actually works!

We're on hand to help you choose the right plants and hardscape for your next aquascape, visit us and we'd be happy to help.

Scapers Tank

Location: Based in Huntingdon, Cambs - we are not far from the A1 and A14. See our contact page for full details of our location.

Why buy from Aq​uarium Gardens?

✔ Algae Free Plants - we hold our plants emersed so there's no worry of algae!​

✔ Highest European Quality - All our plants come from top quality European producers so you know you're getting the best! Because we hold them just like our producers do, the quality is superb. All plants are fully rooted which helps them get of to a better start in your aquarium.

✔ A vast range of hardscape and aquascaping equipment for all your aquascaping needs.

✔ Expert Advice - If you have any questions about our plants or planted aquariums, do not hesitate to contact us. We are planted aquarium enthusiasts and happy to help.

✔ With every order you get loyalty points, which you can redeem as money off your next order.

"We like to do things differently, and we like to do things that make sense. Many shops hold their aquatic plants in holding tanks full of water. This may seem the obvious way to hold plants, however, this is not how they are produced. Therefore, what we like to do is hold our plants emersed. What’s required is a humid environment, nutrient dosing at the roots & light. As the plants are out of water, there is no worry of algae. And this opens up a whole new way of keeping plants. The end result is simply brilliant! The quality is right up there."

Glossostigma Elatinoides


Aquarium Plant Collections (online exclusive)


Jungle Style Aquascape

We also have a range of Plant Collections offering great value for money throughout. They are particularly good for those who are unsure as to how many plants they will need to fill their tank or which plants to go for. The 'Jungle Plant Collections' are designed for different sized aquariums, containing only easy care plants, and therefore a good starting point if you are new to planted aquariums. All our plant collections are well thought out and offer a good variety of plants. 

You can also purchase plants individually to make up your own selection. We also offer a variety of plants growing on wood and rock which takes the hassle out of attaching them yourself.

Tissue Culture Plants

The future of aquarium plants lies with tissue cultured plants (also known as In Vitro plants). These plants are produced in a lab under sterile conditions. They are free from algae, snails, pests and disease. Great for taking your aquascaping one step further with super healthy plants. There are many varieties not found in our regular potted range. They also transport really well, and when you get them you don't have to plant them straight away. Keep the lid sealed and they will last 1-2 weeks in a cool place until your ready for planting.


TNC Complete

Aquarium Plant Food

Our favourite aquarium plant food is supplied by The Nutrient Company, offering excellent quality and great value nutrients for your plants compared to other brands. If you have a fully planted aquarium, we advise using both TNC Complete and TNC Carbon for healthy plant growth. The bigger the bottle, the better the value!

Aquarium CO2 RegulatorCO2 Supplies

For superb plant growth we stock a range of CO2 Equipment. CO2 is the backbone to aquatic plant growth which can be limited in an enclosed aquarium environment. It is therefore advisable to supplement CO2 in the aquarium to support healthy plant growth. You will find all our CO2 equipment very well priced, making it more affordable than ever before. For more information on how to set up a CO2 system for your aquarium, see here.