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The Aquascaper Complete Plant Food 500ml

The Aquascaper Complete Plant Food 500ml

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The Aquascaper Complete Liquid Plant Food is designed to be single dose and easy to use. Complete Liquid Plant Food contains all the micro and macro nutrients necessary for lush aquatic plant growth, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). No other additional plant food supplements are necessary.

Planted aquariums can be split into three dosage categories - low, medium and high

Low - aquariums with low lighting and no CO2 or liquid carbon
Med - aquariums with low-moderate lighting and liquid carbon
High - aquariums with moderate-high lighting and CO2 gas injection

DOSAGE GUIDELINES Low - 1ml per day per 50 litres Med - 2ml per day per 50 litres High - 5ml per day per 50 litres *Dosage assumes high plant biomass.

For best results dose daily and combine dosing with a 50% water change per week. One capful equals 10ml approx.

Syringe included to aid accurate dosing.

• The instructions are designed for dosing daily, better for plant growing. 
• The instructions include different dosage rates for different set-ups.
• A syringe is included for dosing small aquariums i.e. 1-5ml per day.
• The cap is exactly 10ml when full.
• It comes in an opaque white bottle, which means sunlight won't effect the liquid. 
• The liquid does not contain any colouring so has minimal effect on water clarity.
• It contains every nutrient required for aquarium plants in an ideal ratio to suit all tanks. No need to add anything else.
• A tried and tested fertilizer. Professional UK Aquascaper George Farmer has been using it for 12 months to grow his own plants in a number of personal aquascapes.
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