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Shrimplab Caridina Minerals

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SHRIMPLAB® Caridina GH+ 
Mineral Salt is specially formulated 
to re-mineralise Reverse Osmosis water 
(pure water). These minerals increase the general 
hardness (GH) of the water without a significant increase 
in carbonate hardness (KH). This creates an ideal environment
for certain caridina species of shrimp, such as bee shrimp and 
tiger shrimp, which prefer a soft water habitat

Ingredients: Essential Minerals, Trace Elements.
Dosage: Mix with RO Water in a separate container until the TDS meter 
reaches the desired reading (Recommended approx. 150 TDS).
The re-mineralised water may then be added to your tank. 
If you do not have a TDS meter: 1 flat scoop (approx. 0.70g)
re-mineralises 5 Litres of RO Water to approximately 150 TDS

Net contents: 100g (Sufficient for approx. 700 Litres).
Storage: Cool, dry place, keep away from children.
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