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Gnarled Manzanita Wood - M8

Gnarled Manzanita Wood - M8

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A hand selected piece of Gnarled Manzanita Wood as shown in the picture.

Gnarled Manzanita Wood is a very attractive wood with many twisted, gnarled and knobbly branches that adds beauty and character to your planted aquarium. This type of wood has a very 'aged' look and feel - great for adding instant maturity to your aquascape layout. 

Popular amongst aquascapers. A very sought after wood that's hard to find in the UK.

For size: Please refer to the ruler displayed in the picture to determine size of wood.

  • Stunning feature!
  • Will not stain your water.
  • Hardwood so it will not rot.
  • Perfect for attaching plants to such as MossJava Fern and Anubias.
  • Safe to use with shrimp.
Like all driftwood, Manzanita needs soaking to become saturated before it will sink. We recommend sitting the wood in a container of water until saturated before placing in your aquarium. This can take from 24 hours to two weeks depending on the size of the wood.
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