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Popular Red Aquarium Plants

As we begin to increase our range of red plants, we’ve decided to list our top 5 …

Alternanthera reineckii ‘Rosanervig’

An absolutely outstanding plant, never ceases to catch the eye or go unnoticed. Alternanthera reineckii Rosanervig has vibrant pink leaves with light nerves characterise this vigorous culture form. The plant has a compact form of growth and the stalk does not grow as strong as other Alternanthera. Perfect for planting in the id section of your aquarium, or between wood/rocks. A good fertilization and high levels of CO2 is crucial to success with this vibrant plant.


Alternanthera Reineckii ”Mini’

Alternathera Reineckii ”Mini’┬áis a miniature version of the popular Alternanthera. This plant displays compact and low growth, making it perfect for smaller aquariums or larger aquariums as a foreground plant. It has lovely red and violet colours. Maximum height is around 10-15cm. High light and CO2 injection improves the growth rate and overall health of the plant.


Echinodorus Red Devil

Echinodorus Red devil produces leaves with a bright shade of red, turned darker as they grow. not a plant for nano aquariums. This one can grow big, up to 40cm tall. Perfect as a centre piece display. Good light and nutrition will promote the development of red leaves.


Echinodorus Ozelot Red Flamed

Another cracker from the Echinodorus Species. As the name suggests, the leaves have a red flamed pattern on them, very intriguing. Like the red devil, it can grow quite tall. They look great planted in groups of 2-4 plants.


Alternanthera Rosaefolia

A popular stem plant which can grow tall and bushy if maintained well enough. This plant originates from South America and needs plenty of light to grow quickly to the surface. A lack a micro nutrients will turn the leaves pale. Harsh pruning will encourage bushy growth.



Most red plants are more demanding than most species of aquatic plant. They require plenty of light, CO2 and nutrients to perform well. They are not recommended for low tech tanks. I would always recommend using CO2 injection with red plants (in fact, I would use CO2 in any planted tank myself!). With the right parameters, leaves can turn pale and colours will not be at their best.
So be sure your set-up is adequate if you want your red plants to thrive in your aquarium!