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How to Aquascape with Plants on Wood

Aquarium plants on wood are simply great. Being one of my personal favourite ways to scape an aquarium, it’s almost effortless to create a beautiful looking aquascape using plants that are attached to wood. By using 3 or 4 different pieces of wood with a range of beautiful aquarium plants growing on them makes scaping easy!

If your planning on setting up a new planted aquarium, first, take a look at our plants on wood, coconut and bamboo sticks. Depending on the size of your tank, choose a number of different species that take your fancy. All our plants on wood are easy growers, can be grown under high light or low light, with co2 or no co2. These plants actually prefer growing attached to something. Your chosen pieces can be used as the skeleton of your aquascape. Try re-arranging them in different layouts. The wood becomes the main focal point and you can then put other plants of your choosing around this.

Here’s a great example of a planted aquarium using plants on wood from Aquarium Gardens to create a wonderful aquascape…

photo (3)

This tank is just 1 day old, but as you can see there is an instant impact made with the arrangement of wood and plants. Something like this is relatively easy to pull off. Just 4 pieces of wood have been used, with various different plants attached to them (Java fern, Pogostemon, Anubias & Javamoss). Once the pieces have been placed, other aquatic plants that do better pushed into the substrate are planted around them.

Take a look at our range of plants of wood and try using them to build your own stunning aquascape!